Real estate investment and construction works

Real estate and construction projects tend to involve significant investments, which in turn emphasizes the relevance of proper background work and contracts.

We have vast experience of assisting both foreign sellers and buyers of Finnish real estate. For buyers, we typically conduct a due diligence investigation of the real estate in question to ensure that the object is in order from a legal point of view, after which we may help the buyer to negotiate a suitable contract for the transaction, while, for a seller, our service would consist, in essence, of the latter part. We are also experienced in negotiation and preparation of construction agreements for different types of buildings and may advice you in relation to the Finnish standard contract templates and terms that are used in Finland as well as with regard to Finnish business practice in the construction sector. We may further consult you on the disclosure rules that apply to contractors and builders in Finland.

Do drop us an email or give us a call should you wish us to help you ensure that your real estate or construction project goes well and that all local requirements are complied with. Previously we have, among other things:

  • Advised buyers with due diligence inspections of real estate.
  • Assisted buyers of real estate with the preparation of proper purchase agreements.
  • Assisted sellers of real estate with the preparation of proper sales agreements.
  • Represented buyers of real estate in disputes concerning the acquired real estate.
  • Advised and assisted a constructor with concluding a construction agreement and agreements on HVAC and electricity works for the construction of an apartment hotel.
  • Represented the constructor in disputes concerning construction works.
  • Represented a foreign buyer in a dispute concerning the delivery of a log house.