Taxes in Finland

Doing business in Finland usually means that your activities become subject to Finnish taxes in at least some extent.

MK-Law regularly advices its clients in tax questions related to different types of contracts and transactions. The questions may be related VAT or corporate income tax or to other taxes such as property transfer tax. We assist with structuring the transaction in such manner that the tax burden is as light as possible, notwithstanding whether you are concluding a sales contract or acquiring a local business. We also assist with determining whether a particular activity will result in a tax presence in Finland as well as with filing for VAT and other tax registrations.

Have us take a look at your contract or other transaction to ensure that you do not pay any unnecessary taxes.  You are also welcome to contact us should you need any other tax help. Previously we have, among other things:

  • Advised several foreign clients on Finnish VAT issues in different types of transactions.
  • Advised several foreign clients on corporate income tax related issues.
  • Advised a foreign investor in making an investment into a Finnish company, including tax issues related to the investment.
  • Advised a Finnish company in connection with the acceptance of a foreign investor to the company, including tax planning.
  • Advised the parties of a Finnish-Swedish joint venture in corporate income tax issues.
  • Advised a company in the tax planning and execution of transfer of ownership to the previous owner’s next of kin.
  • Advised a construction company in the execution of a succession.
  • Advised a Finnish corporation in the planning and execution of an internal restructuring.
  • Advised a client in a case concerning the taxation of insurance payments.
  • Advised an international consulting company regarding Finnish VAT in connection with the execution of an international service agreement.