Employment and personnel matters

Finnish employment law is composed of different laws that contain specific rules on employment contracts, working time, annual leave and other such issues. In addition, branch-specific collective agreements need to be taken into consideration, which makes keeping track of the relevant rules more complicated.

We have vast experience of advising our foreign clients in different types of matters related to employment law and personnel issues. Typically, foreign clients contact us when they wish to hire employees for their Finnish operations and need proper employment agreements to be put in place or wish to know in which extent their own template complies with Finnish requirements. Further, we help our overseas clients in handling situations where they are unsatisfied with an employee or need to reduce their work force based on financial or production related grounds.

Drop us an email or give us a call if you wish to ensure that your employment contracts are in order or if you need any other legal assistance related to your workforce in Finland, notwithstanding whether the question is related to ordinary employees or your top or middle management. Previously we have, among other things:

  • Prepared several employment agreements for middle and top management of Finnish and foreign-owned corporations.
  • Prepared different types of employment agreements for employees of Finnish branches of foreign corporations.
  • Assisted clients with downsizing and dismissal of employees based on financial and production related grounds.
  • Assisted clients with dismissal of employees on grounds related to the employees performance.
  • Assisted and represented clients in employment-related disputes in court.
  • Advised foreign clients in resident permit matters in Finland.
  • Advised foreign clients hiring in Finland on Finnish taxes and social charges related to employment.