Notwithstanding that freedom of contract is the prevailing principle in Finnish contract law, certain provisions of contracts may still be subject to mandatory regulations.

MK-Law has advised its clients with the preparation of numerous different types of contracts, including sales, supply, procurement, distribution, agency and other similar contracts. We also conduct and represent our foreign clients in contract negotiations in Finland in the extent it is possible without the client’s participation. Further, if your company has a standard contract template that you wish to use, we may review it for you to ensure that Finnish laws and business practice is taken into consideration in necessary extent.

Hence, if you are in the process of concluding a contract with reference to Finland, do let us take a look to ensure that the contract is in order. Previously we have, among other things:

  • Assisted a Finnish supplier with concluding supply contracts with US buyers.
  • Assisted a Finnish supplier with concluding a supply contract with a Russian purchaser.
  • Advised in and prepared a subcontracting agreement for a company in the health sector.
  • Assisted a Finnish client with the preparation and conclusion of a distribution agreement with its Russian distributor.
  • Assisted in preparation of different international intra-group agreements between European companies and their Russian subsidiaries.
  • Assisted and advised clients with the preparation of different types of non-disclosure agreements.
  • Prepared a supply contract for a Finnish supplier to be used in connection with deliveries to Germany.
  • Advised a Finnish company in concluding a purchase agreement with a Ukrainian supplier, including preparation of the contract.
  • Advised a Finnish seller in concluding a supply agreement with an Estonian purchaser, including preparation of the supply agreement.
  • Assisted a company with the execution of a supply contract with a Russian supplier, including the review of the contract.
  • Prepared a distribution agreement for a Finnish import business.
  • Prepared the terms of use regarding online services for an IT-company.
  • Prepared a financing agreement for a Finnish company being financed by a Russian investor.
  • Prepared a distribution agreement for a Finnish IT-company.
  • Prepared a construction agreement for the construction of a mini hotel in Finland for a foreign investor.
  • Advised and prepared a supply contract between a Finnish chemicals company and a Russian supplier.
  • Adviced a corporation in preparing an agency agreement with a Russian sales representative.
  • Prepared a purchase agreement for a real estate investment company in Finland.
  • Prepared a letter of intent for a real estate owner regarding the renovation of the real estate.
  • Prepared an agency agreement for an IT-company.
  • Advised a Finnish seller regarding the execution of a supply agreement with a Russian buyer.