Agreements and trade

It is important that the company’s sales and other agreements are in order.

By ensuring that contractual matters have been taken care of a company is in a better position to avoid costly disputes and disagreements that take away resources from the business itself.

We assist companies in various business areas in preparing inter alia sales, delivery and procurement agreements as well as in contract negotiations.

Previously we have, among other things:

  • Assisted several foreign corporations, both EU- and non-EU, in setting up a subsidiary in Finland.
  • Assisted several foreign corporations with the registration and establishment of a limited liability company in Finland.
  • Advised and assisted foreign entrepreneurs in starting a business in Finland.
  • Assisted several foreign corporations, both EU and non-EU, in establishing a branch in Finland.
  • Assisted a US buyer with the purchase of an accommodation business in Finland.
  • Advised several foreign corporations with the preparation of shareholders agreements for Finnish limited liability companies.
  • Advised the seller in the sale of shares in a media company.
  • Advised the purchaser in an acquisition of an online media business and its employees.
  • Advised a foreign buyer with the acquisition of a Finnish restaurant business.
  • Advised a Finnish company in connection with the acceptance of a foreign investor to the company, including preparation of a shareholder agreement, emission of shares and tax planning.
  • Advised the parties of a Finnish-Swedish joint venture in corporate and tax issues, including establishment of the joint venture and the review of the shareholders agreement.
  • Assisted a foreign-owned company with the preparation of a business plan and an application for financing to Finnvera.