Mergers and acquisitions

Sometimes the fastest way to expand your business to Finland is buy acquiring a Finnish company.

If you have a merger or acquisition at hand, we at MK-Law are ready to assist you with the preparation of the relevant contracts and with conducting due diligence investigations to ensure that your interests in the transaction are safeguarded as well to ensure that the target company corresponds to your expectations.

We are also experienced in drafting and reviewing different types of shareholder agreements. Thus, should you be acquiring a part of the outstanding stock of a Finnish company or forming a joint venture, we may assist you with the preparation or review of a shareholders agreement and advice you on any other questions you may have related to the transaction.

Hence, notwithstanding whether you are buying or selling, do contact us should you need assistance with carrying out the transaction, and we will ensure that you have proper contracts in place and that relevant tax exemptions and other issues have been taken into consideration. Previously we have, for example:

  • Assisted a US buyer with the purchase of an accommodation business in Finland.
  • Assisted the owners of an IT company with concluding a share purchase agreement with the purchaser.
  • Assisted with the merger of two Finnish group companies.
  • Advised the seller in the sale of the entire stock of a real estate company.
  • Advised the seller in the sale of shares in a media company.
  • Advised the purchaser in an acquisition of an online media business and its employees.
  • Advised the seller in an acquisition of a restaurant business.