Mergers and acquisitions

Sometimes the fastest way to expand your business is to acquire another business.

We at MK-Law understand the intricate complexities and high stakes involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We specialize in providing you with comprehensive counsel and strategic guidance to ensure successful outcomes. More importantly, we also assist in thoroughly analysing the business dynamics of the deal to ensure you understand the actual effects and can assess the suitability for your purposes.

Why Choose Us?

Experience: With years of experience in handling mergers and acquisitions across various industries, we possess a deep understanding of the legal, financial, and operational aspects of complex transactions. We know the standard tricks in the book, but also standardised good practices, which can be used to streamline the process. Reinventing the wheel (and having the client pay for it) is not very efficient.

Expertise: Preparing relevant contracts and conducting due diligence investigations to safeguard your interests in a transaction is a default feature. That is not what you are actually seeking. What you need is a legal team that understands your business rationale behind the deal. Only thereafter can we actually provide you with value by ensuring that the transaction process and related documentation enable you to reach your business goals. Our team is strongly business oriented, putting your business first.

So what do we actually do?

The actual contents of the assignment will depend on whether you are buying or selling and if the object of the transaction is the entire stock of a company or only its business or assets. In any case, a transaction is usually comprised of a combination of the following main elements:

  • Letter of Intent: Drafting a LOI where the parties outline the transaction process, the general structure of the transaction and timeline as well as possible know conditions for completion of the transaction. The LOI may also include legally binding terms on exclusivity and confidentiality.
  • Due Diligence: Conducting thorough due diligence to assess the risks and opportunities associated with the transaction to enable a business analysis of the case. Naturally legal red flags are also raised as needed.
  • Contract Preparation: Drafting and reviewing transaction documents to ensure clarity and protection of your interests.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Providing guidance on regulatory compliance issues and ensuring adherence to legal frameworks.
  • Tax Considerations: Advising on relevant tax-related issues to ensure the transaction outcome is predictable also in terms of taxation.

Previously we have, for example:

  • Assisted a US buyer with the purchase of an accommodation business in Finland.
  • Assisted the owners of an IT company with concluding a share purchase agreement with the purchaser.
  • Assisted with the merger of two Finnish group companies.
  • Advised the seller in the sale of the entire stock of a real estate company.
  • Advised the seller in the sale of shares in a media company.
  • Advised the purchaser in an acquisition of an online media business and its employees.
  • Advised the seller in an acquisition of a restaurant business.

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