MK-Law Acted as the Sellers’ Advisor in the Acquisition of EG-Trading Oy

EG-Trading Oy is a green industry product import and resale business founded in 1989. 2022 brought about a significant change when Nordic Waterproofing Group, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of waterproofing products, signed an agreement to acquire 70% of the company. MK-Law assisted EG-Trading in navigating the challenging sales process up to the closing of the transaction.

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with MK-Law,” commented EG-Trading CEO Tanja Fri. “When dealing with a large company, the assistance of such an expert law firm has been invaluable.”

With the acquisition of EG-Trading, Nordic Waterproofing Group will be able to serve even better as a leading expert in green roofs. Ritva Nyman, who has been an entrepreneur for 50 years, watches as the organization she once led now steps into a new era.

“A clear-spoken and calm lawyer, Marcus Kevin guided us safely forward,” says Nyman. During the process, much of the work was spent answering questions raised by the buyer. In addition to interviews, a virtual due diligence room was used for assistance.

One thing that stood out for Nyman was the merger of another company, Fri-Tec Oy, with EG-Trading as part of the transaction structure. “We prepared for a long and challenging process,” she says. However, the concern proved to be unfounded—the merger was almost completed in one day.

“Of all the lawyers I’ve worked with throughout my career, two have exceeded expectations. Marcus is one of them. I can warmly recommend MK-Law to anyone considering selling a company.”