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Supply contracts in Russian trade

Subject As any other supply contracts, also supply contracts entered into with Russian buyers should thoroughly define both the goods that the agreement concerns, as

Establishing a Company in Finland

The most common type of legal entity used by businesses in Finland is the limited liability company. Foreign companies may alternatively establish a Finnish branch.

Advertising law in Russia

Attorneys at law MK-Law Ltd has written an article on Russian advertising law for World Trade Press. The article is a comprehensive overview of the

Concluding an employment contract in Finland

In practice, the Finnish Employment Contracts Act (Finnish:Työsopimuslaki) applies to all job relationships in Finland. The Employment Contracts Act, which is often referred to as

Corporate Governance in Finland

As stipulated in the Finnish Companies Act, the top management of a Finnish limited liability company consists of the general meeting of shareholders, the board

New Year Promotion

Each new (or regular) client signing an In-House contract during January – February 2013 for the period of year 2013 will be offered the service