Establishing and Setting up a Company in Russia

Attorneys at law MK-Law Ltd advises and assists clients with the registration and establishment of subsidiaries and other legal entities in Russia.

Legal entities

The two most common forms of commercial legal entities established by foreign corporations in Russia are the limited liability company and the joint stock company. Of these two, the former is more popular, as it is easier to administrate.


The law requires the authorities to perform the registration of a Russian limited liability company within five business days. All in all, the incorporation requires approximately 3-4 weeks on an average.

The documents needed for registration of a limited liability company are the following:

  • Founding agreement, if the company has more than two shareholders;
  • Decision of the sole shareholder or minutes of the meeting of the shareholders meeting;
  • Articles of association of the company;
  • Trade register extract with apostil and translation of foreign shareholders;
  • Application form; and
  • Receipt regarding payment of registration fee (RUR 4000 ~EUR 100).

The minimum share capital of a limited liability company is RUR 10 000 (~250). At least half of the share capital must be paid before registration of the company. The other half must be paid within one year from the registration. As the share capital is paid to the company’s bank account, a bank account must be opened for the company before the registration.

The application form must be signed by one of the shareholders in the presence of a Russian notary. The application may be signed at a Russian consulate or embassy abroad, but it is usually easier to visit a notary in Russia, if possible.

Attorneys at law MK-Law advises and assists clients with all issues related to the incorporation of a legal entity in Russia, including with the opening of the company\’s bank account, the payment of the company\’s share capital and the registration fee, and with the signing and filing of the registration application.

Other registrations

Further, Attorneys at law MK-Law Ltd assist with the registration of, for example:

  • A new general director;
  • Amendments to the articles of association;
  • Changes in the share capital;
  • Securities of joint stock companies;
  • A new company name; and
  • A new company address.

We also advise and assist with the execution and planning of acquisitions and re-structuring of companies and/or their ownership.

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