Corporate Legal Services in Russia

Attorneys at law MK-Law Ltd offers legal services to corporations conducting business operations in or related to Russia. The current stage of the operations does not matter, as we may assist alike with drafting appropriate contracts for selling to or buying from Russia, with planning and executing a market entrance, or with winding down or selling a business.


To mention a few issues that our firm may assist with by field of law, our firm offers:

Corporate law

Registration of subsidiaries, joint ventures, and representative offices, planning of corporate governance and control structures, preparation of corporate documents, appointment of directors, assistance with making contributions to assets and executing other financing, and legal assistance in connection with aquisitions and winding down operations.

Contract Law

Preparation of contracts for cross-border transactions, and preparation of sales agreements, supply agreements, purchase agreements, retail contracts, distribution agreements, construction agreements, subcontracts, license agreements, as well as preparation of franchise agreements.

Tax Law

Intra-group tax planning, reviews of taxable statuses and advice regarding taxable status (permanent establishment), advice on Russian VAT when selling or buying goods or services from or to Russia, advice in personal income tax issues, advice on employer’s social contributions, and advice concerning transfer pricing and preparation of transfer pricing documentation.

Intellectual property rights

Registration of trademarks and other intellectual property rights, preparation of cross-border licenses, domain name registrations, and advice in IPR disputes.

Advertising & Marketing Law

Legal reviews of advertisements, preparation of the terms and conditions for promotional contests, games and lotteries, advice concerning personal data (privacy) rules, assistance with filing necessary notifications, and consultation regarding consumer protection laws and regulations.

Employment law

Preparation of appropriate employment agreements for top-management and ordinary employees, including planning of incentive programs.

Dispute resolution

Representation in arbitrazh and ordinary courts on the side of the claimant or respondent, representation in international arbitration, representation at state, municipal and other authorities (registrations, notifications, inquiries).

Legal services related to Russia are offered in cooperation with Attorneys at law MK-Law Ltd’s Russian subsidiary MK-Law Llc.




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